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Ginger Rhoads


Ginger Rhoads began her journey as founder of RAISE FRC on April 13, 2022 after experiencing first hand the failure of the foster care system in North Carolina. As months went by, she began to meet others that had experienced the shortcomings and injustices of the NC foster care system and the reality began to set in that there were masses of children that were experiencing undue trauma created by the very system that is charged to protect them. This has to stop. There must be accountability. And her mama bear heart set out to find a solution. Together, with the support of her family, friends, and community, and LOTS of prayer; Ginger began talking to anyone that would listen. By January of 2023, she had a clear vision of what her next steps would be. We need a group that would be the voice for children and youth in foster care. Their voices need to be heard, their stories need to be told, and change must happen because they matter!! When Ginger is not advocating for children she is a wife, a mom to 2 incredible girls and all the animals at Feathers and Fur City Farm. 

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